“I seek to support clients rather
than help.  
Support has the lawyer
and client on an equal footing –
there is mutual respect –
and they are working collaboratively
to best meet legal challenges.”

Lynn Rosenstock


As a lawyer for nonprofits, Lynn’s business acumen for nonprofit operations and strategy are an everyday asset. She has held management positions within nonprofits, led strategic policy direction at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and built a multi-agency coalition for the City of Philadelphia. Lynn quickly hones in on the bottom line, yet she brings humanity and mindfulness to the decision-making process to cultivate mutual respect for competing perspectives and to develop client-driven outcomes that benefit not only the organization but the public good.

Lynn recognizes that legal needs rarely—if ever—arise in a vacuum, but rather relate back to mission, strategy, fundraising objectives, resources and political climate, among other factors. She adds additional value by sharing practical insights and providing support that is informed by her respect for those who are encountering the issues firsthand.

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