“I enjoy working collaboratively with a client to craft and develop a product that their imagination has conceived.”

Evelyn McGravey


Evelyn’s commitment to public service has been at the forefront of both her professional and personal life. From volunteering in her community to serving as the Pro Bono Coordinator of a Top 100 law firm, Evelyn has focused her career on helping others shape their social consciousness and to convert their concepts into reality.

Evelyn actively listens to client concerns and works collaboratively to resolve legal issues.  A compassionate problem solver, she knows that legal matters can be stressful and that clients especially need help navigating new challenges and understanding their options amidst complexities. Evelyn provides clear and thoughtful guidance to help nonprofits achieve positive outcomes. Of utmost importance to Evelyn in her daily practice is finding practical and ethical solutions that enable nonprofits to pursue their passion and purpose while easing their worries with top quality “on call” legal care.

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