An affiliate of the largest nonprofit homebuilder worldwide, Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia transforms lives and the City of Philadelphia by building and repairing homes in partnership with families in need. Like many other nonprofit organizations of its size, Habitat recognized it did not have the volume of legal work to justify hiring full-time general counsel but it needed legal counsel on call to keep its infrastructure strong and to step in to assist with matters on a moment’s notice.

How We Helped

Through its relationship with our firm, Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia has been able to identify and manage legal concerns before they develop into costly and more time-consuming issues. Habitat calls on us for our pragmatic approach, knowing that we are responsive and work swiftly, and that our advice is informed by our experience representing other organizations with similar issues.


With our assistance, Habitat has made informed business decisions that have saved resources and legal expenses. By investing in best practices and a stable infrastructure, Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia continues to grow strong.

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