The Friends of the Rail Park understands the value of speaking with a unified and consistent voice. Its mission is to advocate for the continuous three-mile linear park and recreation path in Philadelphia along the historic elevated Reading Viaduct and City Branch rail cut of the former Philadelphia and Reading Railroad.

When the opportunity to merge with the Reading Viaduct Project arose, the board saw it as an opportunity for positive impact and growth and needed counsel to help them implement the alliance.

How We Helped

We took a holistic approach to assisting with the merger, encouraging the organizations to reflect on their respective missions and their progress and plans for the Rail Park to make certain that they could complement one another and merge seamlessly. We also performed compliance checks and addressed legal concerns, making sure that both organizations were merger-ready before they assumed any obligations associated with the alliance. When it came to implementation, we handled all of the logistics so that the board members could stay focused on moving forward.


The merger, or “marriage” as they referred to it, was a great success. Working with the City of Philadelphia and other organizations and individuals, Phase One, the conversion of the SEPTA Spur into a park, is underway as they continue to advocate for the ultimate transformation of the viaduct.

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