Bancroft, one of the largest employers in Camden County, New Jersey, with 2,200 employees and $125 million in annual revenue, provides a range of programs and support services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities such as autism, as well as those with traumatic brain injuries. When searching for counsel, Bancroft put a premium on finding a cost-effective approach that would provide access to specialized legal knowledge and expertise without sacrificing personal attention.

How We Helped

On-call to Bancroft’s entire leadership team, we utilized a rapid response rate to address varied issues including planned giving, corporate sponsorships, assisting with contract negotiations and strategic planning. Because of our steady long-term partnership, we were able to efficiently address day-to-day matters as well as unexpected legal concerns, each task informing our work for the next.


Working with us, Bancroft managed its legal matters proactively with predictable legal costs. We approached Bancroft’s legal concerns with a full understanding of its corporate culture while bringing outside perspective and expertise to help connect the organization to other valuable resources.

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